Growth Science

Why should you listen to science in your business decisions?

The value of corporations is increasingly being based on the present and future value of their customers. Customer growth and revenue risk reduction are now the main business objectives. Customer data is becoming the most valuable corporate asset. Mastering predictions based on machine learning and AI is the new core competence. The game in business has changed.

Technologies that grow the company’s market-based assets is now more important than ever. Yet, executives and employees, previously confident in their capabilities, have found it extremely difficult to navigate this new terrain of advanced technologies. What do the words even mean? And more importantly, what implications do they have for the organization’s ability to attract customers and generate growth?

Stakeholders are trying to understand the language of their newly hired data scientists and they face real challenges in transforming data-insights into valuable business improvements.

Do you also find it hard to know?

•    What questions to focus on?
•    What problems to address?
•    What data to use?
•    How to analyze the data?
•    How to read the data?
•    How to use the data?
•    How take data to action?

You are not alone.

Organizations on a global scale are now starting to question their experts’ recommendations and are turning to academic science to make sense of data-science. The answers they get are surprisingly different from those provided by business experts. By analyzing third party customer panel data the scientists have found that customers are surprisingly predictive. Customer behavior can even be expressed as scientific laws and explained in simple equations. The same type of equations that engineers use when building a plane or a house. Additionally, since academic scientists run experiments to find the cause and effect of investments, they have found that the difference in market performance is caused by only a few, but important actions.

This is the next frontier of running a data-driven organization.

The future is unevenly distributed and organizations beginning their transformational journey do not need to repeat the mistakes of the pioneering data-driven corporations. Potential sunk costs can be avoided and improvements in effectiveness and efficiency can be achieved just by understanding the scientific evidence and studying the case studies of previous failures and mistakes.

This is why Polarsken exist.

Our mission is to enhance and align your organization’s capabilities in becoming a data-driven enterprise based on scientific evidence of how customers act and make decisions. When customer growth and revenue risk reduction are the main business objectives and when analyzing customer data is the new core competence, organizations no longer can take the risk of not understanding the language of data-science and the scientific method.

This is our passion

That is what we are passionate about. To help organizations and individuals understand how a scientific approach to data driven decisions will help you become more cost effective and more confident in your decisions.

In this interview with Kjell A Nordström we discuss why scientific evidence is important for organizations: