The common challenge

The modern marketing organisation is facing a difficult task. With the new principles spawned by the digital transformation follows a new way of thinking of how marketing works. Mass marketing and broad targeting is being challenged by relationship marketing and tight targeting. So depending of who you ask, both internally and externally, the route to growth is never the same and disagreement is nowadays a daily manifestation. No one no longer agrees on anything, thereby leaving the marketing organisation in a stalemate position unable to move forward in any direction.

Your challenge

As we understand, based on our initial meeting,  You have the following challenges:

  • We don’t know what to look at to reach our targets
  • We follow a lot of KPI’s but it is unclear what makes a difference
  • We use different KPI:s to measure different channels, as a result our KPI´s that collide with each other
  • We focus on the look & feel of the activity – not effectiveness
  • We have focused on short term sales activation
  • We create content, but lack insights how the content will reach our customers
  • We have plans, but we lack strategies

How we can assist you

The modern marketing organisation is embracing change based on a test- and learn mentality. However, exploration can’t be unbounded and the scientific laws will provide you with the rigor that experiments can be tested against. Moreover, for a new invention to become an innovation and generate new revenue for the organization, it needs to be brought to market. What separates successes from failures is the level of consumer demand, and the algorithms described by the laws will offer you a clear probability-framework for your forthcoming marketing investments.

The learning process

The art of building competence and capability in an organization is an intimidating and sometimes a terrifying process. Indeed, people unfamiliar with the laws might feel they have acted out of ignorance and incompetence. Hence, in order to counter the potential presence of extreme stress, the workshops need to be carefully facilitated, where the participants, in a safe- and welcoming context, are able to freely voice their anxieties and doubts. Based on our previous experience, the optimal outcome for the workshop calls for an off site location and a minimum of two days of discussions, where we stepwise take your organization from know what, to know why to know how.

Why Polarsken

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What You Get

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