”The future is about innovation.”

Nestle said: Ok, what else?

When we talk about disruption we either refer to a vc-funded unicorn presented as an app, using predatory pricing and evading paying tax to drive consolidation, or we refer to some new technology trending on the Gartner hype-cycle.

Innovation, however, has always been present and the level of disruption is usually subjective and felt in hindsight – not in advance.

Hence, when we go discussing the next big trend thinking that will save us, we don’t just run the risk of mistaking fads for trends and lobbying for innovation, we also risk becoming blind to the present challenges that require our immediate attention.

Since if we don’t survive today – there is no chance we will be around tomorrow. And no single innovation is in the long run, immune to the grinding forces of public opinion, costs and competition.

So survivorship is a continuous struggle, where the operations and the full arsenal of the marketing mix constantly must be balanced and deployed to sustain a business.

Alas, the future is not ever determined, but continuously re-shaped by all of our collective actions. So next time you are faced with another speculation what it will look like, please then ask: ok, what else do we need to do – starting today?